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>> we've got other storms coming in. >> thousands of music fans herded off the field at the maryland state fair as dangerous storms barreled through. the sky is all lit up tonight as thunderstorms move through the area.
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hello, everybody. i'm bruce johnson with anny hong. >> we saw severe storms come through the district and prince george's county. now we have showers and storms off to the south of us. you can see we are seeing some light to moderate rain falling around the d.c. area. more heavier stuff is happening around st. charles county, st. mary's and out toward the eastern shore. out toward north beach and plum point, you're getting hammered with really good rainfall right now. the doppler is showing quite a bit of lightning strikes with these storms, and they came in from the northwest. you can see they're kind of clusteredded east of d.c. take off the lightning and show you some of the heavier rain falling toward waldorf, honey town, alexandria getting light rain as of right now as well. temperatures are cooling down a little bit, but still muggy out there. 74 degrees in downtown.
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leesburg, manassas, 79. fredericksburg, lower 80s. annapolis, you cooled down to 79. so still fairly warm out there. what can you expect tomorrow as you're waking up for your sunday? a mild start. temperatures bottoming out only in the 70s. a chance of showers late in the morning. by the afternoon, we'll see some scattered showers and thunderstorms. i'll talk more about those storm chances and how long isaac will affect us in this seven-day forecast. bruce, back to you. >> those storms are leaving some residents without power tonight. pepco, dominion power, bge are reporting a total of 10,000 customers without electricity. most of those are pepco customers in the district heights, palmer park and hill crest heights area of prince george's county. one moment, getting ready for a concert. the next, scores of people are ordered to move out as the storms move in. it all happened today at the maryland state fairgrounds as country music fans gathered for
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a concert. ken molestina here with those images. >> reporter: officials quickly escorted the crowds away. you'll recall last year a stage collapsed at the indiana state fair during inclement weather anthat's exactly what organizers tried to avoid today. the band perry is headlining what was supposed to be a hassle-free, fun-filled evening at the maryland state fair in baltimore county. those plans quickly went south when mother nature began to show her ugly face on the infield racetrack where the stage was set up. concert organizers quickly put the brakes on the show and herded thousands of fans off the grounds into shelters just as the storm was moving in. the rain, wind and lightning tore through the skies above asconcert goers scurried looking for a place to hunker down in. the storm blew through and just as everyone thought the coast was clear, another round came and slammed them.
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>> get out of here. we have other storms coming in. >> reporter: and that's whentempers began to flare among anxious fans waiting to see the band play. >> this is crazy. rain or shine. it's not even raining anymore. i'm staying here. >> reporter: but after the disaster that took place last year killing five at the indiana state fair when their stage collapsed, these concert organizers aren't taking any chances. >> i don't mind. i would rather be safe than get struck by lightning. >> reporter: and officially, there were about 3,000 people in attendance throughout the day. i want to show you video of how this concert ended. eventually, after an hour and a half delay, the band perry finally took the stage, but after four songs, bruce, they got pulled off again because of lightning. the remainder of the show was officially cancelled. 26 people recovering from heat-related illnesses tonight. paramedics were called out to
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the university of maryland's byrd stadium as temps hit the mid-90s in college park. seven people were taken to the hospital, three sick from alcohol. we're told everybody should be okay. new at 11:00, a clerk fights off a gunman during an apparent robbery but the clerk is shot during the struggle. it happened this evening at an exxon station in lower maryland. the clerk was shot in the arm during that fight. the gunman took off running. we now know the identity of the woman whose body was found wednesday in beltsville, maryland. tonight police are still looking for her killer. prince george's county police say the body of -year-old ingrid martinez alvarez was found wednesday morning in the beltsville neighborhood park on montgomery road. investigators are not saying how the woman died. call police if you have any information about this. you could be eligible for a $25,000 reward. have you seen this woman?
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she's 34-year-old aster solomon gazizi. she was last seen getting into a cab in front of her home on houston avenue in silver springs on thursday. call police if you have any information. president barack obama and challenger mitt romney were on the campaign trails today hitting the swing states. romney is riding high after this past week's republican convention. the president is on his four- day road to charlotte tour for the democratic convention begins on tuesday. drew levinson reports tonight. >> it didn't work then. it won't work now. >> reporter: the president and the man who wants to be president hit the all- importantbattleground states saturday. in sioux city, iowa, president obama criticized mitt romney and the republicans for offering americans nothing new during their convention. >> when governor romney had his chance to let you in on his secret sauce, he didn't offer you a single new idea. so you heard him talk a lot
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about me. you heard him talk a lot about mitt. he didn't talk a lot about you. >> reporter: romney and running mate paul ryan were in jacksonville, florida, home to multiple military bases. romney told the gop faithful he would cut federal spending to balance the budget, but it wouldn't affect the military. >> he wants to cut a trillion dollars out of our military budget. [ boos ] >> look, that's bad for jobs and it's bad for our national security. the world is not a safer place right now. >> reporter: earlier in cincinnati, romney used the kickoff to college football to attack the president on job issues. >> if you have a coach that's zero and 23 million, you say it's time to get a new coach. >> reporter: for both sides, it's game on as romney tries to continue his momentum after the gop convention and president obama tries to build his ahead of the democratic convention. drew levinson, cbs news.
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>> on tuesday, president obama will be in norfolk as part of his road to charlotte tour. mr. obama is set to speak around 12:35 p.m. at the madison hall quad in norfolk state university. a pilot is dead tonight after a fiery crash at an airshow. it happened this afternoon outside quad city, iowa. witnesses say the pilot was in an old soviet jet. the plane went in for a 45 degree dive and couldn't pull out. nobody on the ground was hurt. that show continued despite the crash. the 16-year-old is dead after sticking his head through the much hatch of a double decker bus hitting a highway overpass. it happened last night in fort lee outside of new york city. 65 teens were actually on that bus heading to a sweet 16 party. the bus is billed as the country's largest double-decker party bus. some georgetown residents plan to take crime fighting into their own hands. the citizens association of georgetown is adding private
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surveillance cameras to the neighborhoods. the group tells the washington post the goal is to make it harder for crooks to break into their cars or rip off their cell phones. under d.c. law, private citizens have more legal leeway than police when using those cameras. 100 people turned out this labor day weekend for a community celebration hosted by d.c. councilman marion barry. the family day took place in southeast washington. the event featured free food, live entertainment and children's activities. it was also a chance for neighbors to reconnect with one another and with their councilman. >> this event is very important to council member barry, because it affords him an opportunity to connect with the residents of ward eight and to find out what some of the other critical issues may be and residents have an opportunity to talk to him personally. >> so it's important that we utilize green spaces to have cultural events. it's a lot of green space in
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ward eight and this park is one of the most beautiful. it's important for residents to get away from concrete buildings, be on a green space. a lot of beautiful parks need to be utilized in that way. >> today's event also featured free health screenings for ward eight residents. still ahead, details on a pilot program that could actually help homeowners struggling with their mortgages. plus, young woman with hopes of heading to harvard. shot to death in her own bed. tonight, amber stanley's father opens up to 9 news.
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>> new pilot program could help some homeowners facing foreclosure or bankruptcy. it's called mortgage to lease. rather than foreclosing, the bank takes back ownership, forgives the debt, gives the homeowner a chance to rent. now, you lose your equity, but one desperate homeowner reduced her monthly payments from $1,250 to $712. she gets to stay in the house. >> in certain situations, especially where the homeowners are deeply underwater, i think it's a great opportunity for them to really get a fresh
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start. >> bank of america is rolling out the small test program to 2,500 distressed homeowners in four states. city corps introduced a similar program for 500 homeowners in some six states. a live look outside right now. anny hong will be here in just a few minutes with your full forecast. and a father grieving the loss of his murdered daughter. he opens up to 9 news.
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oscar and grammy winning songwriter hall david died of a stroke in los angeles. he was 91. ♪ the moment i wake up ♪ i put on my makeup ♪ >> hal david produced hit songs including do you know the way to san jose and raindrops keep falling on my head. he collaborated with burt back ca rack to produce three dozen hit singles for dion warwick alone. she was an honor student but today the family of amber stanley gathered for her private funeral.
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she was shot to death in her bed a week and a half ago. tonight amber's killer is still on the loose out there. in a story you'll only see on 9, our reporter, surae chinn, spoke with amber's grieving father. >> there was no greater feeling than to hug and hold my daughter. >> a broken-down father who lost his daughter is now lost without her. >> it really broke my life. it meant so much to me to have her and i was so proud of her. and now she's gone. i can never get that back. it could have been jealousy. i don't know. >> reporter: he's a father who's grasping for answers but really can't explain why his daughter was murdered. >> as a parent you try to figure it out for yourself. you want to know what happened. it's nothing in her life that warrant her dying the way she did. >> up and over, flip it again. >> reporter: yesterday, prince george's county officers combed through the neighborhood for
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any missing clues. anthony stanley said people at home at the time of the shooting told him the man who kicked the door in and shot his daughter in the bedroom wore a mask. the gunman walked out of the home and may have tried to blend in with the neighborhood. >> a police officer mentioned to me it was like a professional hit the way my daughter was killed. why would somebody professionally hit a 17-year- old girl that's a jehovah witness, honor roll student, that ain't never been known to go out with no boys or anything. >> reporter: with no answers, loved ones have only been left with a huge hole in their heart for a teenager who seemed larger than life. >> she was sitting here right now with you, she would love to meet you and be standing here with you. you just don't know. i can't, i can't, i can't. >> reporter: surae chinn, 9 news now. >> amber's father set up a memorial for his daughter. he wants to praise money for a scholarship at amber's high school. police want to hear from you if you know anything, anything
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about this case. now on to the aftermath of the storm once hurricane isaac. hundreds of thousands of people in and around new orleans still without electricity tonight. the floodwaters are dropping ever so slowly. the 14 billion dollar levy saved the folks outside complete disaster but folks outside the big easy got the brunt of the flooding. >> i believe the levy did what it was supposed to do, protect new orleans. >> it could be weeks before they get the power back on. insurance companies could be paying up to $2 billion in losses, reports say. that's amazing. >> yeah. >> amazing. >> yeah. so now we're dealing with the remnants of isaac. it will continue to bring us more unsettled weather like we saw tonight through tomorrow and into monday as well through labor day. labor day not looking so great.
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if you've got those barbecue plans, you want to go golfing, it's going to be pretty wet and stormy potentially for monday. now, right now we're looking at storms that came through the d.c. area and into the district. now it's off to the east and south of us where you see that red. we did have quite a bit of lightning, cloud-to-ground lightning strikes with these storms that came on through this evening. they became severe at one point in the district, alexandria and prince george's county. right now, waldorf, did you know kirk, getting light to moderate rainfall. you can see out toward the eastern shore, they're getting the brunt of this storm system dropping lots and lots of rain in a short amount of time. our michael and son weather camera on this saturday evening, we're looking at cloudy skies right now. it is muggy out there. temperatures 75 degrees. dew point in the 70s. that is why it's so humid and
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the winds are calm. now, temperatures elsewhere, 73 in gaithersburg. but still warm in leesburg. 79, manassas, 81. fredericksburg in the lower 80s. so we're going to cool things down tomorrow and monday. that's the good news aside from the unsettled weather though, we could be seeing sunday morning. i think for the most part should be dry for most of us. maybe areas of patchy fog. by the afternoon we're looking at scattered showers and thunderstorms. labor day even more storms are in the forecast and then flash flooding possible because some of those storms could produce some really heavy rain. our 9 futurecast, put this into motion. tomorrow morning again, overall i think it should be dry. we could have some spots for some showers. by the afternoon, we'll see the shower activity and thunderstorm activity increase and there will be more scattered throughout the day and into the evening. monday looking to be even wetter. scattered rain and showers. by the afternoon, heavy rain come through the afternoon and
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into the evening hours. so monday, you may have to change your plans, because it looks like it could be quite wet. overnight, cloudy and mild with some showers and storms. lows will be in the 70s. sunday morning, mostly cloudy. if you want to get outside, do it early in the day. for most of us it should not be as wet. afternoon looking to be much wetter. tomorrow a yellow alert day. scattered showers and storms. monday a high around 83 degrees, more storms. our next seven days, 88 for tuesday, wednesday 89. >> chance for some stray storms thursday. temperatures will be in the upper 80s and then friday and saturday we cool things down to the lower 80s by saturday with only a chance for some showers. so labor day we're still going to be dealing with the run-ins of isaac tomorrow, labor day and maybe a little bit on tuesday. >> what do we know about maryland football now. >> that the fans are going whew. at least we got one. the maryland football team was
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flirting with disaster in their season opener today, while in charlottesville, virginia, couldn't have asked for a better start. we'll show you y fans were goin sports comes right back.
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lucky for the terps, the final score is all that matters because today's season opener against william and mary was nothing to bragabout. they were scoreless after three- quarters and committed turnovers.
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the attendance was just 31,321, the smallest crowd for a terps opener since 1997. to byrd stadium we go where the true freshman perry hill is making his first start. it did not go well. his pass picked off. one of three interceptions. the freshman threw on the day but things would get better in the fourth. justice picket takes it in for the touchdown. they grab a lead with two minutes to go. jeremiah johnson forces the fumble. hartsfield with the recovery. let's just say a win is a win. the terps will take it as they escape with a 7-6 victory. >> did some things to try to settle perry down and just came out in the second half, defense played very, very good. found a way to win. you know what? maybe this is better for us than getting a win like this than blowing somebody out. navy taking the field in
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dublin, ireland, why notre dame was feeling right at home. watch him cut back and he is gone. 56 yards for the touchdown giving the irish a 10-0 lead and they would never look back. second quarter, trey miller feels the pressure. that's a live day and he takes it the other way 77 yards. that made it 27-0. the irish hammered navy 50-10. in charlottesville, looking good in the opener. kevin park, a touchdown. that gave them a 7-0 lead. it would get better. look at this great effort by darius jenkins, a slick move to break free. he slips the tackle. 51 yards later he's in the end zone. 43-19. 11th ranked west virginia scored early and often against marshal. first quarter, smith rolls out, throws it up. bailey, look at this terrific
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catch in the end zone. the first of 8 t.d.'s of the day for the mountaineers. they outscored marshal. penn state playing their first game since penalties levied against the program. facing ohio with three minutes to go, bobcats get this touchdown. tyler to foster. that was the game winner. ohio beats penn state 24-14. matt barkley and third ranked southern cal hosting hawaii. first play from scrimmage. lee makes a move and see you. 75 yard touchdown. that was the beginning of a route. trojans win big 41-10. once the nationals shut down stephen strasburg, it will shift to the starting rotation and how well, they can carry the load without their ace. hopefully zimmerman will return to form. in his first three starts 0 and 3 with an era near 8. today
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against the cardinals he got roughed up again. we start in the 6th. zimmerman with a base hit. that scores jason weather. [ jason wert. that gives the nats a 9-8 lead. david frees delivers the base hit. that scores allen craig with the go ahead run. cards beat the nats 12-9 and zimmerman allows 8 earned runs in just 3 and two-thirds. orioles and yankees, the base is loaded, two outs. hardy bobbles it. can't recover. that allows the go ahead run to score. that was the difference in the game. yankees win 4-3. they're at three games. think about this. if the orioles had won they would be one game out of first place on september 1st. last holiday weekend of the summer, this is important. we've got to get this in.
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it doesn't look good. yeah. unfortunately our storm and rain chances increase tomorrow through labor day. so definitely you need your umbrellas the next couple of days here. temperatures for your subpoenaed, mid-80s -- sunday, mid-80s. rain and storms for the nats game tomorrow. labor day high of 83 with a better chance, orms and showers are likely. we're dealing with the remnants of isaac the next couple of days here. tuesday, wednesday, we go back up into the upper 80s. >> just order the ribs and chicken and corn and all that stuff. >> you're fine, right? >> yeah, sure. thanks a lot. we'll see you back here tomorrow at 11:00. bye.
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